[development] More than one thread per list (was Re: Drupal Modules and Linux Distros)

Michelle Cox mcox at charter.net
Wed Oct 25 20:47:53 UTC 2006

Ah, shoot, I pasted the wrong bit. Sorry, Moshe. I meant to paste the bit 
you said from my thread. Did my email too fast, sorry.

This is the bit I _meant_ to attribute to Moshe:

As an aside (i.e. lets not sidetrack this thread), one of the original
visions of the new .info files is that their names and descriptions will be
used by drupal.org project module. Thats one of the reasons we chose plain
text .ini instead of PHP. I like reuse of .info files because it centralizes
project metadata. We probably need some more metadata fields.



On 10/25/2006 3:44:32 PM, Michelle Cox (mcox at charter.net) wrote:
> Note: I changed the topic so I
> don't derail the distro thread with this
> Moshe said:
> > It is sad to see this discussion side-tracked.  The purpose of this
> > discussion is NOT to debate why packagers exist (that is not what 
> > Seemant
> > asked for), but to figure out how we can better cooperate.   The world
> > doesn't
> care about your opinion about packagers; whatever  it is you think
> > about them, they are not going to go away.  So if
> you're not going to
> > help make Drupal better for packagers, don't  add
> noise to the discussion
> > either.  It would be a waste of time  and bits.  Thanks.
> Michelle said:
> > This isn't a sidetrack; it's an important point. If the current
> project descriptions will be overwritten by the .info files, then
> there's no
> > point spending time now cleaning up the text itself. There's
> still
> tagging needing to be done, but I
> don't want to be changing the ?
> > project description if it's all
> getting wiped out soon.
> Jonathan said:
> >It's a good point, but it really is sidetracked from the original 
> >request.
> >Also, you're
> directly 

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