[development] multisite technical question

VJ Rao cmsconsultant at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 20:45:10 UTC 2006


I have a multisite install where Im sharing content (nodes) , taxonomy and
users. (I am only not sharing the following tables : menu, cache, variable,
accesslog, watchdog)

I present content to different websites based on tags (for example
subdomain1.example.com will only present blogs tagged under vocabulary
subdomain1 , similar functionality for subdomain2.example.com etc..cross
tagged content will appear on both sites)

The problem Im facing is with search...I want anonymous users on
subdomain1.example.com to only see content tagged under subdomain1 while

Is there anyway to achieve this? I have installed TAC but setting
permissions for anonymous users on a per site basis is not possible...

Is there anything else I can be trying?

There is a way to change 'anonymous' user per site on
administer->settings...but that only seems to change the name


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