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Wed Oct 25 22:11:10 UTC 2006

Thanks Greg.

If I needed to filter search I would probably do that on a site specific
level ( in the themes or with a simple module), rather than hack core..I am
leaning towards doing that at this point. Has anyone tried to filter search
results with a module/theming script before?

I considered not sharing TAC, but right now the cons outweigh the pros.
Infact, Im not so sure I want TAC anymore..I initially wanted it to make
sure roles with website only permissions (as opposed to multisite content
managers) dont tag content across websites..the problem though is when these
guys update text on content, they will remove all the tags which the content
managers had (coz lower roles dont have access to global tags)



On 10/25/06, Greg SBC <gregbjh at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>  I came across a similar issue with creating content. I wanted the
> dominant term of a sub-site (made like yours) to be automatically selected
> when creating new content from that subdomain (I also use TAC for access
> control). I had to use the 'taxomony_default' modules and set the defaults
> using the settings.php files, the 'conf' array. If you did something this,
> then you would have to hack the search module to automatically filter by
> this default term. Not simple or elegant.
> Another way is to not share the TAC tables. But then you will have to
> reconfigure each subsite with the TAC permissions, which depending on the
> number may be a rather daunting task. But then no hacking modules. This is a
> powerful, but complex way to differentiate your site permissions. I did this
> for my site at www.skejo.com.
> Greg
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>  Hi,
> I have a multisite install where Im sharing content (nodes) , taxonomy and
> users. (I am only not sharing the following tables : menu, cache, variable,
> accesslog, watchdog)
> I present content to different websites based on tags (for example
> subdomain1.example.com will only present blogs tagged under vocabulary
> subdomain1 , similar functionality for subdomain2.example.com etc..cross
> tagged content will appear on both sites)
> The problem Im facing is with search...I want anonymous users on
> subdomain1.example.com to only see content tagged under subdomain1 while
> searching.
> Is there anyway to achieve this? I have installed TAC but setting
> permissions for anonymous users on a per site basis is not possible...
> Is there anything else I can be trying?
> There is a way to change 'anonymous' user per site on
> administer->settings...but that only seems to change the name
> Thanks,
> VJ
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