[development] input formats

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Thu Oct 26 08:05:46 UTC 2006

Larry Garfield wrote:
> On Thursday 26 October 2006 00:51, Neil Drumm wrote:
>> zis wrote:
>>> There currently is no way of assigning input formats to node types..
>> I coded one of these awhile ago
>> http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/modules/input_format_res
>> trictions/
>> Let me know if it is still working.
> No wonder I never saw that module.  It doesn't actually show up on the site, 
> even in the CVS version, as far as I can see.
> I always wonder how many cool modules that do just what I need already exist 
> that I don't know about because they're not tagged or are tucked away in 
> someone's sandbox.  

The plan was to get it into HEAD, but that didn't happen since I decided
some other things in the content type administration UI needed
organization and thought. I got some decent ideas on paper, but never
managed to get those online or anywhere near code.

Neil Drumm

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