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My only requirement for font sizes is that the user can scale them. We have
a large older community that really must increase almost all font sizes
every seen on any site to be able to read them. I am a fan of the now
non-supported fontsize module just for this reason.
The requirement for scalability means that a given site should not be too
far from what is normal on most sites so they don't have to be adjusted for
each site and should not have too large a range of sizes in the design.
Small fonts for copyright, etc. are ok. but not for things the averare user
deals with every time they visit the page.


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Some quick pointers:

(1) How about float them all the way to the right?

Sorry, I missed this, float what? 

(2)  I don't know what people have against Arial. Verdana is to lumpy 
a font for my taste. If not Arial, then Trebuchet (which is found in
both Mac and PC) would be a better choice (to go with the logo's font).

Non-free.  We should stick with things that show up on all systems, like
Linux.  MS Trebuchet isn't a free font nor distro'ed.  Personally I say
stick with Sans. 

(3) Can't the font on the login block be a bit smaller (which is why
I love the login tobbogan) 

You shouldn't go messing with font sizes too much.  Font preference is a
user thing.  What is too small for one is too big for another.  0.9em is
about as small as you can get away with with out hurting peoples eyes.
0.85em Maybe...

(4) The post information should be flush with the title, not the 
content. It reads like content right now. it also should be smaller
than the content font.

I don't know about smaller, but different color for sure.  You should always
seperate your "posted by" info from the actual story article.  

.node .submitted { color: #3a75b6; }

Doesn't seem to look too bad.  Personally, I'd go with #bbb, but others
would say it's too light and un-readable.


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