[development] changes to hook_nodeapi

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Fri Sep 1 04:41:50 UTC 2006

On Thursday 31 August 2006 19:55, Khalid B wrote:

> > I just rolled back the patch.  Programmatic submissions are still
> > possible but the old _nodeapi hook is back.  This give us more time
> > to think about it, and to figure out a solution that more people are
> > comfortable with.  No need to rush this. :)
> Thank you Dries, this is the least painful path, specially the freeze is
> practically upon us.
> Perhaps when Moshe comes up with a good description, this would
> be cleared up, but until then, the CRUD functions in nodeapi are
> crucial for modules to act on node events.
> I also remember someone mentioning discrete CRUD functions
> outside of nodeapi a while back (was it webchick?)

I think you're looking for this thread:


I did find it odd that there was a patch to remove independent CRUD functions 
from core at the same time that there was a thread to add a complete CRUD API 
for all major Drupal entities.

My own take on the matter is that direct-CRUD (node_load(); $node->foo 
= 'bar'; node_save();) and form automation (FAPI) both have very legitimate 
uses.  Especially as Drupal is far more than just a form handling CMS but a 
full-on development API in many ways, the ability to do things without going 
through a virtual form is very important.

Don't get me wrong; programmatic submission of form as now possible with the 
pull-based FAPI is great.  But it addresses a different set of problems than 
direct CRUD functions.  They serve two different purposes.  They probably 
can, and if so should, share a lot of the same backend code, but they're 
different APIs because they serve two different but both legitimate 
programming needs.

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