[development] Re: Stefan's theme

Nick Lombard nick at jigsoft.co.za
Fri Sep 1 13:06:59 UTC 2006

> I don't see sticking branding all over such a theme as a feature. I see it
> as a
> drawback.
> The druplicon watermark was my biggest issue with marvin2k for instance.
> No real site will keep the watermark there, and it just makes more work for
> the
> average person running the site, to remove it.
I agree with Adrian that watermarks are difficult to remove and sites
should be simple to get up and running in no time but I disagree with
the branding compromise. Druplicon as a site logo will be the first
thing any new site will change so why not keep him smiling and visible
on first install.

> Witness the desire to make sites 'not look like drupal sites'. Ship a little
> 25x80 (or was it 20x85)
> 'powered by drupal' logo, in all themes, but don't make more work for
> designers.
+1 for the powered by logo something that should be on every shipped
theme IMHO, although we can all notice similarities, even in
civicspace that this is indeed very drupal, having the powered by will
definitely create more awareness to newcomers.

Nick Lombard
+27 82 413 9931

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