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Trae McCombs traemccombs at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 13:15:41 UTC 2006


This is my suggestion for the "Powered by Drupal" icon we'd use.  I actually
would love to see this somewhere above the fold if possible.  Not sure
where, as tabs, and search and other things are still a moving target....

You could do it just to the right and below the search box?  Maybe... just
babbelling at this point.


On 9/1/06, Nick Lombard <nick at jigsoft.co.za> wrote:
> > I don't see sticking branding all over such a theme as a feature. I see
> it
> > as a
> > drawback.
> >
> > The druplicon watermark was my biggest issue with marvin2k for instance.
> > No real site will keep the watermark there, and it just makes more work
> for
> > the
> > average person running the site, to remove it.
> I agree with Adrian that watermarks are difficult to remove and sites
> should be simple to get up and running in no time but I disagree with
> the branding compromise. Druplicon as a site logo will be the first
> thing any new site will change so why not keep him smiling and visible
> on first install.
> >
> > Witness the desire to make sites 'not look like drupal sites'. Ship a
> little
> > 25x80 (or was it 20x85)
> > 'powered by drupal' logo, in all themes, but don't make more work for
> > designers.
> +1 for the powered by logo something that should be on every shipped
> theme IMHO, although we can all notice similarities, even in
> civicspace that this is indeed very drupal, having the powered by will
> definitely create more awareness to newcomers.
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