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Syscrusher syscrusher at 4th.com
Fri Sep 1 16:07:45 UTC 2006

On Friday 01 September 2006 02:35, Dries Buytaert wrote:
> Thoughts and comments about Stefan's theme (http://istyledthis.nl)  
> can be posted in this thread.
> Like with the previous thmeme's thread (which got royally f*cked up,  
> thank you very much), focus on the aesthetics, brand and message.   
> We'll worry about implementation later.

As a theme in the *general* sense, I like the overall look of it. I'm not sure
I'm ready to sign onto it as *the default* theme, though. It feels just a little
too "soft and artsy" for my taste, not quite as crisp as Deliciously Drupal.
The low contrast and all the gentle fades are very visually appealing, but they
seem soothing rather than businesslike to me.

I think this may be an issue of how one uses Drupal. My use tends to be for
corporate or informational sites, rather than for community-building sites.
Someone who approaches Drupal from another perspective might very well take
exactly the opposite position, and say that Deliciously Drupal feels too cold
and sterile. And that would, in my opinion, be a valid argument.

To each his or her own. :-)

Again, I mean no disrespect to Stefan's work. This is a *great* theme in my
opinion, for the right kind of web site. I'm just not convinced it should be
the first theme new Drupal users see. But if everyone else feels it's a good
choice, I'm okay with that.

One specific question: Does anyone other than me feel that the light-colored
"virtual paper" extending up into the top dark blue area tends to pull the eye
upward from the content into that blank space? Or is it just me? I think this
could be helped by making the overlap smaller. With it being large enough to
contain text, my eyes instinctively seem to expect it to do so. :-)  [Hmmm...
Might be an interesting place to put tabs or links.]

I do note from Stefan's comments on the example site that the final version
will be fluid. +1 to that!

Maybe there is a way to take the best features of both and combine them. 
Deliciously Drupal seems to me to have more raw readability, but Blue Lagoon
feels more artistically polished. I choose readability over artistry if I must,
but maybe we can have both.

Definitely, though, this has potential, and I'll continue to watch with
interest as Stefan evolves this concept.


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