[development] {Short issue queues need care - 7} Why we shouldn't close all issues without proper review.

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Tue Sep 5 23:21:20 UTC 2006

 A bug is a bug, untill it is squashed. The fact that no-one looked at an 
issue for a while, nor the fact that few people seem to encounter the bug 
changes that fact! 
A feature request remains a valid request untill the feature  is either 
introdiuced, or solved in a similar way, or else proven to be 
inapropriate. "being very long in a queue" has nothing to do with fixing a 
feature request. 

Closing bugs, or feature requests because our searching and organising methods 
suck is not a solution to the real problem!

If we are swamped in bug reports that means we either have a system that is 
severely broken (more bugs come in then get fixed), or that we lack the 
infrastructure to keep the bug reports up to date. I am certain it is the 
latter :)

Project module is being actively maintained again. So lets focus on a real 
solution. Not on some half-witted "abuse issue states because we cannot mange 
the issues right now" solution".

We might need alternative States, or else additional metadata to enhance 
maintainability. But "closed" is a state! It tells us that an issue is closed 
(doh). "has been open for too long" could be a flag on an issue, it might 
even lead to closing at some point (the issue is for 80% fixed in Drupal 4.7, 
please update your 3.2 version to 4.7) but is never the same as "closed". 

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