[development] Core Mod or Patch For High-Availability Drupal?

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Wed Sep 6 17:54:40 UTC 2006

Mike Hostetler wrote:

> I'm currently running 4 Drupal installations on a Linux Cluster.  I've got
> MySQL configured in a Master-Master Replication configuration (MySQL 5).
> This has worked very well for me.
> In the process of administrating my Drupal installations, I've added a few
> tweaks here and there to Drupal to help it perform better on this MySQL
> Replication Scheme.  These tweaks have involved some drastic changes 
> such as
> adding auto_increment fields to both the cache and sessions table.  I've
> followed discussions on this list about the reasons for the design of the
> cache and sessions table and I'd prefer not to bring that up in this 
> thread.

I am still curious about why you added these fields and how they help 
performance. Can you explain this?

> My question to Drupal Devs is this, should I put my patches together into a
> mega-patch for Drupal to run on this configuration and then post about in
> the Drupal Handbook, or is there something else I should do?
> I'm running all the sites on 4.7.3 (one is on 4.6, and I've had to patch
> that like crazy, so I'm not even going to try and submit that patch).

Mage-patches are usually not a good idea. Splitting your mega patch into 
smaller functionally independend chunks would be better, I think.

Also, these patches should be against CVS HEAD.


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