[development] node type without a title?

Augustin (Beginner) drupal.beginner at wechange.org
Thu Sep 7 07:33:35 UTC 2006


Also relevant to this thread about programmatically creating a node type,
I see the following code:

function node_type_form($type = NULL) {
  if (!isset($type->type)) {
    $type->has_title = TRUE;
    $type->has_body = TRUE;

which implies that a node type may NOT have a body or a title.
Yet, no such setting exists in
(body and title are required).

Is it possible to programmatically create a node type without a title?
In that case, the title being used in node listing as a link to the node, how 
would we link without a title?

Is the code above ($type->has_title = TRUE;) the blueprint for some future 
development in the next cycle?


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