[development] t() function concept/bug/patch proposal

Alan Dixon alan.g.dixon at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 21:55:42 UTC 2006

Thanks for your feedbacks. I've followed up on the issue with a simple
patch to locale.module, intended to rescue drupal's performance in
case of improper or unexpected use of t(), with no change to core
policy intended.

On 9/7/06, Gabor Hojtsy <gabor at hojtsy.hu> wrote:
> Jakub, have you looked at i18n? It has a taxonomy translation feature. The
> approach taken there (or a refined or redone one) will get into core
> sooner or later. Most probably t() will not get extended this way.

Taxonomy translation is difficult - this feature works for some use
cases, but not all, in my experience.

> The fact that you did not experience performance problems might be a
> single case. Do you have a few hundred taxonomy terms, like if you start
> to offer free tagging, or tagging based on products or anything similar?

No, I think it was a case of a number of issues getting combined to
cause the problem to become noticeable. I don't think everyone will
have such drastic performance problems, but I imagine it could happen
relatively easily again, and I think the patch will alleviate the
worst cases.

Alan Dixon, Web Developer

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