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Raven Brooks raven.brooks at buyblue.org
Tue Sep 12 16:05:39 UTC 2006

There still seem to be misconceptions with this theme.  The point of this exercise is to present a theme with solid, semantically correct XHTML that people can do a wide range of things with.  If you want to make it fixed you can do that with CSS.  If you want to make it fluid you can do that with CSS on the very same XHTML.  If you want to make it *completely* different and look nothing like this you can still do that with different CSS and the same XHTML.

It is exactly the same concept as CSS Zen Garden.

Raven Brooks


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  "Earl Miles" wrote:
  > Morbus Iff wrote:
  >>>> Still fixed, not fluid. Minus one ;)
  >>> Theme STILL has fixed and fluid options. Always has.
  >> Naturally, that's not entirely obvious just by looking at it,
  >> and I had no idea I was to login to fully appreciate the theme.
  > We've had this discussion on the IRC. You complained about it being fixed
  > only. I told you it has a fluid option. Sure, ok, you've forgotten, but c'mon.
  > You're giving your -1 without paying any attention at all, and you don't even
  > remember talking about it in the past. If you're going to poo-poo something,
  > at least pay some attention. Maybe it's a waste of your time to actually
  > download the theme and look at it, but it's a waste of everyone's time when
  > you -1 it for being fixed-only when it's not, especially when your opinion is
  > important and people around here are going to assume you know what you're
  > talking about.
  Or, rather, you could make options more clear to the viewer.  You actually
  point out a common "techie" problem: Tech folks often get a bit ruffled when
  the viewer doesn't see all the bells and whistles they've added.
  Instead of shooting the messenger, take the time to be more clear about what
  you wish to have reviewed.  If you want people to take note of both Option A
  and Option B, then state so.
  Earl, you're personally invested in this theme, so your emotional response
  can be understood.  However, precisely _because_ you are personally
  invested, it's very easy for you to forget that not everyone is.
  If you (or others) want to build in options, or have them reviewed, then
  make them clear and don't shoot the messenger.  It surely looks (and acts)
  'fixed width' to me...and I wouldn't spend time trying to examine other
  options unless I knew what someone wanted me to explore.
  Perhaps you should take (-1) steps back from the emotional connection you
  feel for this so-so theme and just get on with making it better, if that's
  your goal. It's coming along, but still seems very redundant to other themes
  that are readily available. (And the icons are too chunky on the edges, like
  bit map icons. I especially notice this with the small 'clock face' icon,
  which looks like bad clip art.)
  -1 on default fluidity
  -1 on icons
  +1 on general color scheme (which is the same as many other themes)
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