[development] Administration module - looking for a maintainer

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Tue Sep 12 16:06:57 UTC 2006

On Sep 12, 2006, at 7:01 AM, David Reed wrote:

> Earl Miles and myself coauthored the administration module.  There  
> is a 4.6 and 4.7 version.  There have been a number of bug reports  
> opened for both version.  I am not currently using this in any of  
> my projects and I've been too busy of late to spend time  
> researching the issues people are having so I'm asking the dev  
> community, does anyone want to take over ownership of this module?   
> It seems like the work that's gone into core for the next release  
> this module will not need to live past 4.7.  I don't know how many  
> people are actually using it although I think they may be using it  
> for CivicSpace.

We will maintain sponsorship for the CivicSpace menu's:   
civicspace.inc   If others want to work on administration.module that  
would be welcome.

Other than that this module should be retired and efforts should be  
put into improving core.


> Any takers??

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