[development] Changes to capitalization

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Wed Sep 13 03:04:35 UTC 2006

Jason Flatt wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 September 2006 16:53, Neil Drumm wrote:
>>Rob Barreca wrote:
>>>With all the huge improvements going on in HEAD right now, I'd like to
>>>bring up a really trivial one, but it's something that has always bugged
>>>me. Maybe I'm anal, but I think all the page/callback/block titles
>>>should convert from all lowercase to a capital first letter of the
>>>phrase and the rest lowercase.
> [ s n i p ]
>>If someone wants to put forth all the effort to capitalize every menu
>>item title and drupal_set_title() and get everyone to agree on it, I'd
>>be happy to commit it.
> Split into mutilple smaller patches so they are considered sooner?
> This as it has been a hot button of mine, as well.

On my sites I just use CSS to capitalize.

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