[development] Changes to capitalization

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Wed Sep 13 05:28:30 UTC 2006

Arnab Nandi wrote:
> page/block/etc titles should ideally be named uniquely, something that
> becomes non-obvious when you have Things Named With Mixed Case.
> enforcing lowercase is simpler to handle and work with in a framework
> than being case agnostic.

Page titles are in no way used as a unique identifier.

> Also, this is specifically a theming issue
> and should be kept out of core. For example, what if my drupal install
> implemented all titles using FIR?  I would have no use for this
 > capitalization. Plus, deciding what to capitalize is too much work for
> the developer brain.

I think any brain capable of juggling functionality, security, 
scalability, and code style can properly capitalize some phrases.

> CSS / PHPTemplate it, that way you actually get more consistency, even.

The default cases have to be consistent, and hopefully the most correct 
for most people. Titles which are not consistent, capitalized or not, 
will simply be rejected in core. It is the same as the policy I have of 
not committing form #descriptions which are not complete and punctuated 
English sentences.

The availability of ways to cover up mistakes isn't an excuse to make 
them. Drupal core (and contributed modules) should stay consistent 
without extra abstraction layers which can cause confusion about why 
what you typed isn't what is output.

The option to use CSS or PHP to change cases in the theme is certainly 
available and encouraged for contributed themes.

Neil Drumm

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