[development] New Core Theme for 5.0

Hannes Lilljequist hannes at perrito.se
Wed Sep 13 08:30:46 UTC 2006

12 sep 2006 kl. 22.00 skrev Farsheed:

> In response to general design questions, I do not want
> to stray too far from the design this theme is based
> on:
> http://www.oswd.org/files/designs/2634/Deliciously_Blue/

Alright. Here are a few things that I like better with the original  
than in the Drupal copy (speaking as a designer who does some web  
development - not the other way around):

- The balance between sizes of different elements is better -  
particularly when it comes to font sizes. I like the smaller body  
text in the original. At least the sidebar should have smaller text  
and smaller line-height (plus more subtle or even removed icons) to  
improve the balance and make it less cluttered. The site title looks  
a bit too small compared to node titles in the current state.

- Please use {text-align: left;} on the body text (as in the  
original). Justified text is just plain bad on the web if you ask me.  
(It has to do with the spacing between words which can vary a great  
deal without proper hyphenation.)

- I'm not a fan of the icons - any icons - on this page.

Anyway, good job! I know you can't follow everyone's opinion, indeed  
you shouldn't. So sticking to the original might be a good idea,  
unless you yourself or someone with some art direction skills has  
some strong feelings either way.

/Hannes - zoo33

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