[development] New Core Theme for 5.0

inkfree press inkfree at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 16:00:02 UTC 2006

"Hannes Lilljequist" wrote:

> Justified text is just plain bad on the web if you ask me.

Granted that you said "if you ask me",  I would only add that justified text
is not "plain bad" or "plain good" in any display medium.

It is "more bad" or "less good" when the __line length__ is long than when
the __line length__ is short.  No matter whether on paper or on-screen,
fully justified text becomes harder for humans to read as the line length
gets longer.  This is, mostly, to do with the between-word spacing, because
human beings do not read letters and words individually, they read them in
varying sized chunks [much research on this topic is available].

Anyway, I'm just offering that it's not "the web" which is problematic for
justified text, it's the length of the line.  In a narrow column, humans can
often read faster and with more accuracy when the text is justified.

Hyphenation is -- always -- an issue in type setting, and you are right to
raise that as a consideration.


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