[development] Changes to capitalization

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Wed Sep 13 13:59:29 UTC 2006

Neil Drumm wrote:

>> Also, this is specifically a theming issue
>> and should be kept out of core. For example, what if my drupal install
>> implemented all titles using FIR?  I would have no use for this
>  > capitalization. Plus, deciding what to capitalize is too much work for
>> the developer brain.
> I think any brain capable of juggling functionality, security, 
> scalability, and code style can properly capitalize some phrases.
>> CSS / PHPTemplate it, that way you actually get more consistency, even.
> The default cases have to be consistent, and hopefully the most correct 
> for most people. Titles which are not consistent, capitalized or not, 
> will simply be rejected in core. It is the same as the policy I have of 
> not committing form #descriptions which are not complete and punctuated 
> English sentences.
> The availability of ways to cover up mistakes isn't an excuse to make 
> them. Drupal core (and contributed modules) should stay consistent 
> without extra abstraction layers which can cause confusion about why 
> what you typed isn't what is output.

Hear, hear!  Well said, Neil.

+1 to the idea of capitalizing phrases as was suggested by the thread starter.


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