[development] Suggestion for people releasing new modules and themes into CVS

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Thu Sep 14 04:35:17 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 13 September 2006 22:15, Khalid B wrote:
> Here is the updated list based on the comments above:

I just thought of another one while browsing the module list right now...

If you have status information in the module's description ("is being updated 
for 4.7", "is not yet ready for prime time", "has now been updated for...", 
etc.) for the love of Dries date it!  A module that says in its description:

"It is not yet ready for 4.6, nor for HEAD. Allthough It does work, it still 
needs a lot of love ad time. So you can help."

yet has a 4.6 tag and a last update in CVS of sometime over the summer leaves 
me scratching my head as to wtf its actual status is.  Yes, this is an actual 
example I just saw that prompted me to write this email, but I've seen it a 
great deal.  

Related to that, make sure you tag a release in a timely fashion.  If a module 
is tagged for 4.6 but not 4.7, but has lots of recent activity in the HEAD 
branch, does that mean that the 4.7 version doesn't work yet?  That the 
latest CVS snapshot is 4.7-friendly but the developer is just lazy?  That it 
skipped 4.7 completely and the CVS version is now partially converted to 5.0?

Inquiring module-users want to know!  

OK, this is something of a rant, but I do consider proper maintenance of a 
project's page and release tags to be basic responsibility.  Someone who's 
not tired and frazzled at the moment, please translate that into good 
documentation. :-)  

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