[development] Suggestion for people releasing new modules and themes into CVS

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Tue Sep 19 02:19:51 UTC 2006

On 9/18/06, Greg Knaddison - GVS <Greg at growingventuresolutions.com> wrote:
> On 9/18/06, Khalid B <kb at 2bits.com> wrote:
> > It just means "the next release" with a fixed point of reference in time
> > that everyone can tie into ...
> Much as I agree on this - doesn't it really boil down to Dries'
> personal preference?  Someone else could announce a name and we could
> all start using it.  Until Dries likes it, though, it isn't really
> official though, right?

Until Dries (and core committers) use it, it has no backing. If I declare
Salma as the next release, and then webchick does one of her nice
developer documentation pages using Salma, then Robert declares Cello
as the next version, and Kieran does another page with Cello as the
reference, then it is not a fixed label anymore.

(OT: This is Salma http://baheyeldin.com/click/738/1)

So, there needs to be agreement on the use of the name. Whether it is
by the benevolent-dictator-for-life, or democratically, or by concensus,
I really don't care at this point. We have to first see value in what I am
proposing (having a code name) and then squabble about how we select

> I feel like there are plenty of arguments in favor of this, and one
> important one in opposition:
> http://lists.drupal.org/pipermail/development/2006-May/015505.html
> +++++++++++++++++++
> On 30 Apr 2006, at 19:54, Larry Garfield wrote:
> > As for codenames, the 4.7/5.0 question is why they exist. :-)  I'm
> > game.
> How about we call it 'development version'?  That is by far the most
> accessible term for outsiders.  Think about it.  Code names are a
> developer-ism.
> +++++++++++++++++++

Not an option.
"Development version" is a term that will be reused hence a shifting
target like trunk or HEAD or CVS or the "next version".

A code name never gets used more than once.

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