[development] Suggestion for people releasing new modules and themes into CVS

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Tue Sep 19 03:56:42 UTC 2006

Greg Knaddison - GVS wrote:
> +++++++++++++++++++
> On 30 Apr 2006, at 19:54, Larry Garfield wrote:
> How about we call it 'development version'?  That is by far the most
> accessible term for outsiders.  Think about it.  Code names are a
> developer-ism.
> +++++++++++++++++++

Because 'developer version' today is not the same 'developer version' in 
1 year.

The whole point is so that when someone references 'butterfly' and, some 
amount of time later, someone is reading something that references 
'butterfly' *it is still the same butterfly*. Confusion is eased. This 
is especially true since we have a large and constant influx of new 
developers who are already facing an overload of information.

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