[development] code names for core releases?

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Sep 20 02:44:41 UTC 2006

Let me try to rehash the process, using the next release as an

Let us say Dries branches 5.0 a few weeks from now. The makes
HEAD (technically trunk) open to development again.

At that point, there is no need for 5.0 to have a code name, since
it has a version number that will not change.

The next release is expected to be, most probably 5.1. But it
can be 6.0 as well depending on how much new features make
it in before the code freeze. From 2 weeks from now until the
code freeze (6 months or more), the "next release" has no
definite name.

For that period of 6 months, the code name will be used to
reference that release. Any references in documentation, issues,
mailing lists, ...etc. will not reference a name (bikeshed) that
will never again be used in the future for any other release.

There would be a page on drupal.org listing release names
and the corresponding version numbers.

If some documentation still references bikeshed, and someone is
reading that in a year or more, it is easy to know that bikeshed
became 5.1. On the contrary, being referenced as HEAD or
CVS or "the next release" is a name that gets reused every

then the next release gets another unique code name (say peace
and banana for amusement value [note, I am not advocating this,
just a humorous example]), ...etc.

Note that the same is true even for Windows (e.g. Longhorn became
Vista, Chicago became Windows 95, ...etc.). Microsoft abandoned
release numbers after Windows 3.1 and chose year numbers, then
cutesy marketing names. Apple and Intel use code names as well,
although for different reasons. Examples here:


I hope it is now clear why code names have value and when they
will be used in the development cycle the most.

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