[development] code names for core releases?

Frando (Franz Heinzmann) frando at xcite-online.de
Wed Sep 20 12:34:42 UTC 2006

sime schrieb:
> I have a Mac laptop. But frankly, I don't know whether it is Lynx, 
> Panther, or Jaguar. And if I did, I don't know the running order of 
> those releases - they actually make no sense to me. My mac runs OSX and 
> X=10 and it's one more than OS9. The rest is marketing, and only matters 
> in ad campaigns and plebian boasting.

Sure, but you're a Mac *user*, and not a *developer* at Apple. The 
codenames are for *us*, the developers and not for the users. Again, 
codenames are for developers, to refer to a specific drupal development 
version. If the codenames can later be used for marketing purposes, why 
not. But that is not why we want to introduce them. For users, the 
release version number will do it.

> This issue is about clarifying which head we are talking about for 
> future generations. So why not just "4.7 HEAD" or "5.0 HEAD"?
> It would contract to something cutesie like 4.7H, 5.0H of course.

Again, as 5 people already stated, until 3 weeks ago we didn't know 
wether what is now known as 5.0 would be 4.8 or 5.0.

So, I'm totally in favor of codenames for upcoming releases.

+1 ;)


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