[development] Question on hook_menu in cvs.

Metzler, David metzlerd at evergreen.edu
Wed Sep 20 18:37:37 UTC 2006

So that means that you simply cannot create or reposition, or make
optional any menus that have logic in them? (which therefore cannot be

What I'm ultimately reaching for is to be able to have a menu item only
appear if the user is not logged in, and give the site administrator the
ability to attach this menu to primary links, etc. 

Am I thinking about this problem wrong? Is there another way to achieve
the same functionality? 

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Metzler, David wrote:
> In the process of updating my cas module.  Having trouble implementing

> a non-cachable "suggested" menu item.
> I've been working with this code and I can't get the non-cached 
> entries to show up in administer menus?  Anyone know if this is by

Yep, by design.


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