[development] 5.0 Core Theme Update

Farsheed tfarsheed at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 24 08:21:12 UTC 2006

> A few times along the way, the theme was quite
> close, but needed a bit of
> nudging in the right direction.  Now, it has
> faltered completely and is back
> to a sub-par theme.

I have actually implemented 90% of the suggestions you
made, Trae. How did we go from "quite close" to
"sub-par theme"?
> What needs to happen is... Get either myself, or
> Steven, or some other
> themer from the community to take it the last final
> steps along the way.

Nobody else has stepped up. Be my guest.

> And we live with whatever that person does.  I have
> the time to dedicate to
> it, and can spend 20/30hrs on this next week if
> someone allows me to do so.

Go for it. Personally I've probably already put over 
60 unpaid hours into this theme. We are on revision
#14 now. I encourage (and need) more people to work on
this. Either by contributing alternative themes or
helping fix this one.

> Design by committee won't as the current status of
> the theme proves, work.

Stay positive and it will work.


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