[development] Logo And other component changes in themes [ Was 5.0 theme ]

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Tue Sep 26 18:29:39 UTC 2006

On 9/26/06, Bèr Kessels <ber at webschuur.com> wrote:
> Op dinsdag 26 september 2006 17:30, schreef Trae McCombs:
> > Here you go Kieran...
> >
> > Keep in mind this is a completely cheesy mockup and NOT my idea of a
> great
> > UI solution. It is merely an illustration to hopefully convey a point.
> You can achieve all this already with microcontent module

Perhaps I didn't quote enough of the original conversation...

The point is that it is difficult to change the default Drupal logo on the
default theme.  We are not assuming people are computer geniuses here.  The
people we are worried about, or concerned with, are people who either value
thier time, or are novices.

Would you be suggesting that this microcontent module gets included in core?

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