[development] Chance to get money for Drupal-related development

Benjamin Melançon pwgdarchive at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 18:02:57 UTC 2006

(I don't know if this is off-topic, especially in the middle of getting to
5.0, but I wanted to bring it up the opportunity among Drupal developers.
Full note posted at http://drupal.org/node/86325 )

The Knight Brothers 21st Century News Challenge hopes to recognize
transformative ideas, pilot projects, leadership initiatives and investment
opportunities that will help improve the flow of journalism, information and
news in the public interest."  (with a total of $5M given out in 2007,
application deadline the end of November.)

Here's the link to the guidelines and simple application:

My own agenda is working with others to create various parts of a universal,
democratic communications network (neither unmoderated nor moderated, but
with prominence decided by random juries of people in the network). ...
Mostly I hope people put in really strong applications to this foundation
for any kind of Drupal project, as anything that benefits Drupal benefits
all of us, and quite honestly benefits the goals of the Knight Brothers
foundation too.
....there's people giving away money for a good cause (with a leaning toward
open source) that could absolutely benefit Drupal, the application is fairly
easy, and I'd love to collaborate with people to get more money to do better
things for more projects!

You can reach me through my contact form or at my cell phone, 508 737 0582.

More, including a link to proposal I made to fund the creation of a Related
Items module, at http://drupal.org/node/86325
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