[development] useability issue : primary links

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Wed Sep 27 23:53:12 UTC 2006

adrian rossouw wrote:
> Can someone explain to me why it is so hard to enable primary links.

I'm confused, isn't this theme setting enabled by default? An 'edit 
primary links' link shows (now only if you have access to it) on fresh 
sites last I checked.

> In my eyes this is one of the most common things a person does when they 
> first
> set up their site.
> The confusion between just enabling primary links, or enabling the 
> primary links block
> and putting it in the header (which completely breaks if the theme , 
> like most themes, wasn't built for it).
> Also. the 'wrong' way of enabling primary links is the first way you see 
> to do it.

Which is the 'right' way?

> I'm not even sure I agree with them being disabled by default to begin 
> with. When they
> are enabled, at least they have a link stating 'add primary links here'

Neil Drumm

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