[development] Drupal 5.0 Theme - v2

Farsheed tfarsheed at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 08:54:46 UTC 2006

> "My" Theme:
> http://themes.net/

cooool :)
> * Rounded Corners
> Yes, we love them don't we?  I would like to have
> rounded corners on the
> following areas [current colors kept in tact].
>   1. Search area
>   2. Mission
>   3. Footer

I like rounded corners. But I don't like the various
approaches I've seen using images and extra markup.
> I know how to implement a "pure html" way to do
> rounded corners with no
> images { as can be seen on my bands site -- yes,
> it's crappy looking --
> http://theinterference.com/ } But wanted to discuss

This is interesting.  No images?  Still, I think the
jQuery corners script is much more elegant.  I don't
really notice the aliasing in my browser.

> * Search bar and Footer bar
> Texture... these areas will have a nice clean
> texture in the background (of
> course, depending on the method we use for rounded
> corners)  But the texture
> will really make those areas pop.  I'll work on this
> tomorrow.  I might
> simply repeat the "Glassy" feel from the Primary
> links to those areas.

Cool. Interested to see what you do with this.

> * Secondary Links
> I'd say we should have a place for Secondary links
> built into the top search
> bar, much like the Primary links.  These are
> probably just small font links
> left aligned.

I like the concept of the top bar, but it does (as a
barrage of people have noted) push down the page
slightly.  Many reduce some of the padding on this? It
would create a nice space for secondary links though.

> * Logo on Right
> Not sure which logo to use... There are several
> Drupal Icon's laying around
> and wanted to know which is the "official one". 
> This could tie into the
> "change the logo" discussion we had earlier.  Would
> be nice to at least get
> the ability to change the logo easily with AJAX
> goodness into Drupal 5.0

I think the AJAX stuff should stay out of this for
now, as it adds more work to the already endless pile

> I can dedicate the rest of this week to this project
> should everyone (read:
> Dries) approve of my work thus far, and possibly a
> wee bit more time after
> that.

Keep at it, I'd really like to see more.  The more
variations and ideas thrown in the better, I say.


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