[development] Drupal 5.0 Theme - v2

Adam Cooper adam.j.cooper at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 09:21:24 UTC 2006

I quite like the new alterations. I won't go into committee mode and
start nit-picking but I will talk about;

> > * Rounded Corners

I like the idea a lot. It's very 2.0 and stuff. I appreciate the hard
work you put into your http://theinterference.com/, no images version.
However standards support and XHTML is about *removing* as much non
semantic markup as possible. I don't think that a core drupal theme
should be putting in 10+ extra divs per rounded box. It is not the
correct approach for a site that claims any kind of accessibility.

Taking advantage of the jQuery plugin is a good approach, however it
does not alias (pointed out) and it takes a fraction of a second to
work, resulting in a flash of squareness (nit-picking). It also seems
hackish to me and will not work if javascript is disabled, and/or old.

The only approach I've seen that uses the minimum of extra markup,
allows any kind of corners (aliased?) and uses the least number of
images is the sliding doors technique.

Just some thoughts.


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