[development] Drupal 5.0 Theme - v2

inkfree press inkfree at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 16:09:17 UTC 2006

"Syscrusher" wrote:

> With regard to Trae's later comment that "we live in a 1024 pixel world", I
> totally agree with that statement.

We do not live in such a world.  We live in a world where information is
conveyed through a number of human senses.  Vision -- and the viewing portal
through which that vision is transacted -- is only one of these senses.
There are no dimensional constraints even on that portion of "our world"
where information is conveyed visually.

Perhaps a more supportable statement would be:

    "We live in a world where, when information is conveyed visually through
a desktop web browser, the majority of those viewing are doing so through a
portal of approximately X by Y pixels."

Remember that the "world" we "live" in (information-wise) is a very diverse
world -- much like the real one.  I view many web sites through a very tiny
viewing portal, held in the palm of my hand.

All the fuss over "dimensions" using the non-standard "pixel" is wasted.
Templates should provide -- in every case -- a minimum of dimensional
concern.  The template should allow information to flow into the space --
whatever that space's dimensions -- provided by the view port.

And, this does not even begin to address the significant portion of our
world that is not visual at all -- like text readers, RSS language readers,
web-to-braille conversion, text-to-sound file tools, languages and writing
direction and so on.

Just a bit of perspective (a visual term?) and a suggestion that _any_
default template system be visually collapsible and wholly able to be
utilized across a variety of sense media.


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