[development] Site credits module

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Sat Apr 14 03:16:38 UTC 2007

>     <h1>Site documentation for Example.com <http://Example.com></h1>
>     <h2>Goals</h2>
>     [insert site goals here; why does the site exist? who's its target
>     market?]
>     <h2>Overview of architecture</h2>
>     [insert overview of architecture here; how various pieces fit
>     together and why]

I have been thinking about a related module that might make sense to fold 
into yours. ideally mine would be in core one day. the idea is to tell the 
story of a site's construction.

i call this fictional module 'credits' or 'colophon'. and admin enables this 
and a page shows up at a known path like /credits. there, the admin can fill 
in some summary info about the site and the designers, developers, clients, 
etc. who work on the site. the role of each might optionally be detailed.

in addition i would add a more drupal specific section where admin can 
optionally disclose what modules/themes are in use and can make comments 
about innovative use of each.

i would even  have this module expose a microformat so that this data could 
be aggregated and presented somewhere, one day. i did a bit of research and 
didn't see any prior art for web site credits microformat.

sorry for hijacking this thread a bit.

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