[development] Menu system -- call to action! Really!

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sun Apr 15 01:03:25 UTC 2007


there is another reason why I would like to see someone writing expanded  
menu items who is not me: there should be someone else who understands the  
new menu in depth.

My next week will be spent with writing the update path and the multiple  
menu support.

The week after, I have already committed all my free time (and my money  
too) to the form API rush with Eaton.

If the HRSDC approves my job offer (and I can't really see why not), then  
I will have a feverish run of collecting and submitting various papers,  
certifications and stuff and then medical examinations and then preparing  
and executing the actual move to Vancouver. I have no idea how much core  
time I will have after May 1, but... it might be less than you guys are  
used to.


-- expanded items support
-- The menu localization patch needs to revived and brought to home.
-- The modules admin page is still not coded for the new system.
-- if you really want work, take over multiple menu support.



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