[development] Menu system -- call to action! Really!

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sun Apr 15 04:04:04 UTC 2007

> So there's not duplication of effort, I just wanted to mention I've done one
> of Karoly's requests:  http://drupal.org/node/136386
> If I wanted to pitch in on other stuff, where would I start?  Are there
> Drupal issues associated with these tasks that I couldn't find?

First of all, you need to familarize yourself with the guts of the new system -- at least how it is used. You can skip the builder for quite some time.

> -- expanded items support

One implementation of this would a) save a variable if there expanded items on buildtime b) on runtime, in menu_tree, you need to iterate a query for every level and add the expanded items on that item to parents ongoing. This means a maximum of plus six queries. And a menu table change.

> -- The menu localization patch needs to revived and brought to home.

http://drupal.org/node/128082 reroll, strip t() from descriptions, add t() to descriptions on runtime.

> -- The modules admin page is still not coded for the new system.

In progress, thanks.

> -- if you really want work, take over multiple menu support.

Huh, let's wait with this until the current big menu fix at http://drupal.org/node/131009 gets commited.

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