[development] Why do we avoid auto-incrementing db columns?

Greg Knaddison - GVS Greg at GrowingVentureSolutions.com
Thu Apr 26 12:20:41 UTC 2007

On 4/26/07, J-P Stacey <jp.stacey at torchbox.com> wrote:
> Larry Garfield wrote:
> > (And before anyone thinks I'm suggesting we drop MyISAM support, I am not saying anything of the sort. <g>)
> Not wanting to add fuel to any fire, but I think this is an interesting
> discussion to have in the context of "the drop is always moving". I don't
> want to make a judgment either way, but if Drupal is to be compatible with
> arguably an old way of "doing" databases then it definitely complicates the
> questions of: should it work on PHP3? should Drupal be more indulgent
> towards backwards-compatibility? Or the converse argument: that Drupal's
> development methodology works well, but instead calls into question support
> for MyISAM tables.

I don't think you're going to get a useful conclusion comparing MyISAM
(default choice on the majority of current webhosts) and PHP3 (old old
old software that is only used on lazy hosts or hosts who value
"stability" over security).

The drop is moving, but it's not like the drop can veer away from the
current most popular pieces of the stack...yet. Not yet. But now that
die welt runs drupal perhaps it can soon ;)


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