[development] form elements will be easy to put into a table

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Fri Apr 27 02:39:15 UTC 2007

If someone implements the following.

Change theme('table') so that it uses a fapi style array and render it  
with drupal_render.

To upgrade existing tables, for a cell,

a) if the content was just 'foo' , make that array('#value' => 'foo')
b) if there was a 'data' key use #value instead . All other keys go under  

For a row, if there was no data key, nothing to do. If there was, move  
everything else to #attributes and make the 'data' the content of row.

Thoughts and volunteers are welcome.



Ps. Rationale, we require non-Drupaler coders to learn several structured  
complex arrays. This decreases the number. And eventually we will want  
drupal_render to pwn the page so this is a step...

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