[development] aggregator2 update path complete!

Alexander Barth alex at developmentseed.org
Mon Apr 30 16:58:58 UTC 2007

Sunday, April 29, 2007, 6:09:16 PM, you wrote:

> I've taken a look at the proposed API, what exactly is it helping
> us do? I saw the groups, but the only thing that I understood is
> that contributing to them would be advocating a need for an
> aggregation API, which frankly, I don't think is needed at all (I'm
> open to other opinions though if they're valid and convincing).
> Would the current 3 or 4 aggregation modules have been justified if
> they utilized an aggregation API? 

I guess most people started a new aggregator module because they
needed one or two extra features, but the existing core aggregator was
too hard to extend or didn't convince as a good starting ground for
new development.

The new aggregation solution should address that: It should provide
some clean and useful basic functionality and be very extensible
through an API.

I think all of us aggegrator developers should be able to discontinue
their modules by Drupal7 and implement specific functionality as
leaner add ons for a common solution.

> There is, however, one thing that I did see as very wrong. A module
> developer can't just throw away his work, create an alternative
> module, and leave things behind as if they've never been. Creating a
> module that everyone depends on is an ethical responsibility that
> needs to be transferred to someone who can manage it when the
> original author can't work on it anymore. What has been achieved
> with leech could have also been achieved by updating aggregator2 to
> become leech (albeit retaining its aggregator2 name) without
> neglecting its users. I'm trying to provide positive criticism here.
> Mistakes are done all the time, it's simply human nature. But let's
> make sure they aren't repeated, shall we?

> IMHO, we should make it compulsive that every module developer post
> to the mailing list before setting on a new module. This may prevent
> the catastrophe of so much repeated modules and repeated code. 

> On 4/29/07, Ken Rickard <agentrickard at gmail.com> wrote: >> (Half
> kidding. It would be great if all who work on aggregator stuff
>>> unify their efforts on such an API).

> Already there.  See  http://groups.drupal.org/node/3528  (or the
> original post at http://drupal.org/node/130942).

> Aron Novak's SoC project also addresses this, turning Aggregator
> module into an API with standard library for parsing, but opening up
> a pluggable architecture for other modules to replace/extend. 

> I believe that all the aggregator-type module authors are on board with the new API concept.

> If you haven't read the proposed API, now is a good time... 

> - Ken Rickard
> agentrickard 



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