[development] #drupal / #drupal-dev split considered harmful

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Wed Aug 1 00:38:25 UTC 2007

Addison Berry wrote:
> Well a large part of my resistance is simply that this wasn't discussed 
> at all in the community. IF this is a direction that we are moving in 
> then I think it needs discussion and letting people know about it.  Of 
> course it won't change if people don't even know about it.  It has the 
> *feeling* of being an exclusive "in the club" thing.  Of course, 
> publicizing it means that newbies will just start to come there to get 
> their questions answered, especially if no one is helping them in #drupal.

If it feels like it's meant to be exclusive, it's no more exclusive than 
#drupal ever was. It's simply better labelled. There has never been any 
intention of excluding people; instead the intention has been clarity of 
labelling. If you've felt that, somehow, you or other people you know are being 
intentionally excluded, that is a completely unintentional slight.

For those who I know knew about the channel and haven't come over, I've 
generally assumed any of those people were in the group who thinks #drupal-dev 
is a bad idea. If what I've already said hasn't changed their minds, it's not 
going to.

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