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Brandon Bergren bdragon at mailsnare.net
Wed Aug 1 04:30:44 UTC 2007

On Wed, 1 Aug 2007, Karoly Negyesi wrote:

> Hi,
> It never occured to me that IRC is this important for us. Time to get Drupal 
> cloaks. Let's discuss for real what cloaks we want, who can get one and so on 
> and I will deal with the rest.
> When someone joins a channel or whois run on her/him/it then you see:
> Druplico at rm-1006-10.serve.com
> versus
> chx at pdpc/supporter/professional/chx
> I wear a pdpc cloak at this moment while Druplicon is uncloaked. Only 
> identified users get a cloak, they get it automatically upon idenitifcation. 
> A cloak usually serves to show that you belong to the project.
> Example: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewMemberHowto and 
> http://www.mail-archive.com/community@apache.org/msg04083.html
> Regards,
> NK

[22:56] <chx> Bdragon: feel free to reply to my mail on devel with the 
information of a) what's required to have a cloak at all b) when are 
eligible for a Drupal cloak (first rule, common sense, then cvs acc, then 
two vouchers)

Freenode allows registered groups to provide affiliated cloaks to 


Cloaks have three parts: A group name, a hierarchy, and a unique 

I propose the following format for Drupal cloaks:


With a special case for Druplicon (as per freenode's guidelines for bot 


Having the cloaks in this format would make it easy to find a person's 
profile on drupal.org, and the lack of a hierarchy would prevent debates 
on "contribution levels" and such ;)

Anyone who wants a cloak must first have their nick registered and an 
alternate nick linked to it. A checklist for setting this up is at:


Freenode lets groups submit cloak requests in batches. It would be a good 
idea to get together a list for the initial batch of cloaks. Cloak 
requests must have the "master" IRC nickname (the first nick registered by 
a user) and the proposed cloak, so we'd need at least this much 
information to compile a list:

Master nick	UID

For example, I am

Bdragon		53081

Finally, eligibility criteria:

   Users requesting a Drupal cloak must meet at least one of the following 

   A) "Common sense" (I.E. any well known member of the community for 
which cloak eligibility would be blantantly obvious)
   * OR *
   B) Have a cvs account
   * OR *
   C) Has at least two eligible people vouch for them

chx is the Freenode group contact for Drupal, so he will pass on the cloak 
requests to Freenode staff, but we need to have people set up linked nicks 
and compile a list of cloaks to request beforehand to make this 

Thanks for your time,

--Brandon Bergren

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