[development] IRC cloaks

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Wed Aug 1 03:16:13 UTC 2007


It never occured to me that IRC is this important for us. Time to get  
Drupal cloaks. Let's discuss for real what cloaks we want, who can get one  
and so on and I will deal with the rest.

When someone joins a channel or whois run on her/him/it then you see:

Druplico at rm-1006-10.serve.com


chx at pdpc/supporter/professional/chx

I wear a pdpc cloak at this moment while Druplicon is uncloaked. Only  
identified users get a cloak, they get it automatically upon  
idenitifcation. A cloak usually serves to show that you belong to the  

Example: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewMemberHowto and  



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