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David Strauss david at fourkitchens.com
Wed Aug 1 05:21:52 UTC 2007

Angela Byron wrote:
> If those are our options, then let's also throw in #4, proposed by Earl
> (I think?) on IRC earlier: that #drupal become just a general "anything
> goes" Drupal chat room, and we can refer people to #drupal-support or
> #drupal-dev if someone starts to monopolize the channel. Unless that's
> what #2 means... I don't seem to have that e-mail... but "indrection"
> sounds like you want the channel basically dead with sign posts leading
> to the various options. If so, I don't believe this is a desirable
> option, either.

I like #4. There's a off-topic/social side to Drupal that I'd hate the

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