[development] channels

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Wed Aug 1 05:19:53 UTC 2007

Angela Byron wrote:
> If those are our options, then let's also throw in #4, proposed by Earl 
> (I think?) on IRC earlier: that #drupal become just a general "anything 
> goes" Drupal chat room, and we can refer people to #drupal-support or 
> #drupal-dev if someone starts to monopolize the channel. Unless that's 
> what #2 means... I don't seem to have that e-mail... but "indrection" 
> sounds like you want the channel basically dead with sign posts leading 
> to the various options. If so, I don't believe this is a desirable 
> option, either.
> Btw, another reason #1 is undesirable is that there is a distinct lack 
> of developers in #drupal-support. #drupal is the main channel that 
> people will see, and it would be nice if there were a plethora of 
> contributors in that channel to help new potential contributors get up 
> to speed or to discuss new, cool things they're working on, etc.

I believe I'm generally in favor of this. At that point I personally would 
probably go in and out of the channel as I had free time and a desire to be 
generally social around Drupal, or to show stuff off to people who might be 
hanging around. I think people would feel comfortable just hanging out and 
absorbing there, and at the same time when I'm trying to get work done I can 
drop to just -dev and still interact with the usual IRC-enabled developers and 
have fewer distractions.

I suspect the line between #drupal-support and #drupal would blur but it would 
also be very easy to take complex or annoying stuff and say "Let's take this to 
#drupal-support" which is very different from "Please let us alone, we're 
trying to get work done here."

Then again, a channel with 300+ people on it has a way of just getting unruly.

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