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Sean Robertson seanr at ngpsoftware.com
Wed Aug 1 14:36:24 UTC 2007

I agree 100% with this comment - as a mater of fact, I've been 
advocating this approach for some time.  There truly is no reason to 
believe that anyone who should want to find the devel and theme channels 
would be unable to do so, especially if we include them in the topic 
message for the support channel.

I don't like the idea of using #drupal as some kind of redirect-only 
room - that just seems redundant to me.  Leaving it as a support and 
general drupal channel would be ideal since ti's the channel most people 
will come to by default.  More people equals more possibility that 
someone there will actually be able to help anyone asking questions. 
Currently, there really aren't enough people regularly hanging in 
#drupal-support to be able to do that effectively, so a LOT of questions 
just go unanswered.

Ashraf Amayreh wrote:
> I really do think that choice # 1 is the way to go:
> 1. It's the standard way channel naming is handled on IRC
>  > is also undesireable I believe because people will have harder time
>  > finding the dev channel, the theme channel, the whatever
> 2. Developers, themers and any drupal gurus are not the problem here, 
> they will know where they need to go to get things done, the problem is 
> with newbs, they expect #drupal to be a support channel, by all means, 
> let it be. Making #drupal an intermediary channel will NOT make it any 
> easier to find things. The whole point here is that people who want 
> support are going to #drupal and missing #drupal-support.
> 3. If the bot will redirect only to support, it's a useless redirection, 
> if it has to choose where to redirect, then how smart can a bot be :)
> I really think that by making #drupal the support channel instead of 
> #drupal-support the problem would be over. Developers and themers won't 
> mistake #drupal for the development or the theming channels, and when 
> newbs are well acquainted with Drupal, they will already know all the 
> channels and will be able to find what they want when that time comes.
> AA
> On 8/1/07, * Karoly Negyesi* <karoly at negyesi.net 
> <mailto:karoly at negyesi.net>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     Derek nicely summed up:
>     Either:
>     1) #drupal-support should be closed and #drupal repurposed to be the
>     support room.
>     2) #drupal should be a level of indirection (as per my original email in
>     this thread
>     3) #drupal can remain in whatever weird, intermediary state it's in now.
>     3) is undesireable.
>     1) is also undesireable I believe because people will have harder time
>     finding the dev channel, the theme channel, the whatever. The
>     announcement
>     should actually encourage them to lurk in #drupal-dev and ask devel
>     questions there. I always found it baffling that support deals with
>     coding
>     as well.
>     This leaves 2)
>     Unless I get *very* convincing arguments against it, I will act on
>     that.
>     Given the activity of the room and my time to code just a bot based
>     on bot
>     module, let's call the day next Monday.
>     Kind regards,
>     NK

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