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Greg Dunlap gdunlap at seattletimes.com
Wed Aug 1 16:43:17 UTC 2007

As a Drupal newb who has been lurking on #drupal / #drupal-dev on and
off for a while (my nick is heyrocker) I have read this whole thread and
I'm still kind of confused by the purpose of this/these channel(s). The
topic says "Drupal Development Chat", which I have always taken to mean
development OF Drupal, as opposed to development WITH Drupal. Sitting on
the channel bears this out, almost all the chat I've seen has been in
relation to core and/or one of the major modules, almost all done by
people with CVS accounts. However, I have seen a couple people in this
thread mention that general development questions have a place in this
channel. If true, I would like to see that be more specifically stated,
as I have certainly had many of these over the last few months and been
far too intimidated to peek my head into the #drupal waters. 

I don't really have an opinion as to what solution is best, except to
agree with everyone that having development split into two channels is

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> Quick opinion, no thesis:
> #drupal to be like a hotel foyer
>   --> open chat
>   --> no rules other than common courtesy.
>   --> bot info and sign-posts.
>   --> "Is this a #drupal-dev or a #drupal-support question?"  
> type questions.
>   --> a great place for friendly drupal generalists. (me!)
> killes: I was intimidated for /months/ by #drupal. I hope you 
> come to see these changes as beneficial.
> sime

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