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Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Wed Aug 8 11:32:00 UTC 2007

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Dries Buytaert schrieb:
> *** Dries wrote:
>>>> FAPI and the Schema API: next steps (*)
>>>>   - A plan to get some more CCK/Views into core (*)
> *** Jeff Eaton and chx replied:
>>> I do not think we (Eaton+me) will have more ideas for FAPI, all the
>>> common grunts were solved w/ FAPI3, not until D6 is out, modules are
>>> ported and projects are ongoing will the flaws come to light. Let's
>>> get back to FAPI at the spring Drupalcon (Toronto?).
>> Yep, I'm with Karoly on this one. There are some cleanup bits and
>> things we didn't necessarily have time for in FAPI3 (making
>> form_set_values() and form_set_error() simpler, etc) but those are
>> tweaks and polishing moves rather than architectural shifts.
>> It will take time, time for porting and exploration and
>> envelope-pushing, to make it clear what changes the next generation
>> will need.
> Well, I have some issues still.  Two simple examples:
>   1. Say I want to build a "submission throttle module".  A user is not
> allowed to submit more than x forms per hour.  If I want to make this
> module truly generic, I want to make it configurable.  Specifically, I
> want to compile a list of all the forms in the system, and let the
> administrator enable/disable the forms that should be added to the pool
> of forms to be throttled.  For example, I might include the 'create
> story form', the 'create comment form', the forms of the privatemsg
> module, and the guestbook module's form.  However, I might want to
> exclude the search form, and the edit comment form -- I want people to
> be able to search and edit their comments as much as they want.

Am I confused for thinking that you could do that in Drupal 4.7? You
only need to look at that configurable list of yours in hook_form_alter
and increment a counter in a custom submit handler that you add and
query that counter in thook_form_alter.

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