[development] Minor tweak in Manage strings admin page

Vasileios Lourdas lourdas_v at yahoo.gr
Thu Aug 9 22:17:45 UTC 2007


There is a number of strings that start or end (or both) in white spaces, for 
t(' (<span class="admin-disabled">disabled</span>)')  [notice the space in 
front of the opening ( inside the string in t() ]

The Manage strings admin page fails to visually display this string 
*correctly*, because the user cannot distinguish whether the string starts or 
ends in a white character. This is a UI issue and I suppose the interface 
should present strings such as this one above in a way that the user 
understands the existence of any white spaces at the start or/and end of it. 
One idea that came to mind is to present such strings in a different 
background color (eg. light grey) and also inform the user of this issue.

# Vasileios Lourdas,
# Informatics Engineer, Thessaloniki (Greece)
# http://www.lourdas.name

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