[development] very short d.o downtime later today or tomorrow

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Wed Aug 15 19:19:42 UTC 2007

Hi folks, sorry for the short notice.  I just realized that some  
recent fixes to cvs.module and project* are going to require some  
really short d.o downtime when I update the sources.  There are a few  
db updates that have to run, and between the time I upgrade the  
source and run update.php, all sorts of CVS-account related things  
will blow up with SQL errors and the like.

So, my plan is to:

a) disable the CVS repos (no commits or tags allowed).
b) backup the cvs-related DB tables that are effected.
c) take d.o offline with a "upgrading d.o modules, back in 5 minutes"  
d) do the upgrade.
e) bring d.o back online.
f) re-enable the CVS repos.

The whole thing should take 10 minutes, with d.o itself down for  
maybe 3 or 4.

Any objections?

-Derek (dww)

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