[development] XML Data to Custom Node Import - where to start? Offer to develop?

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Wed Aug 15 21:31:53 UTC 2007

There is a feature / patch in the Feed API module queue for
specifically this, and we need this functionality as well. XML feed
--> CCK field mapping.

On 8/15/07, Chris <drupal_support.lists at toastfirst.com> wrote:
> Requirements:
>  Assumption:  Input file  = standard XML file {e.g
> http://www.w3schools.com/xml/note.xml}
> i) Enable user input of custom XML page by provision of web address url to
> an XML page (in similar fashion to feed; but it is not a feed)
>    Possible enable user input via browser paste (thoughts for/against
> welcome)
> ii) Primary parse to display and allow 'deselection' of fields from XML
> import that are not required (by default, or set default to 'select'
> required)
> iii) Import XML (with additional parameters set in ii) to [custom] node type
> iii) Enable edit of imported node list (such as deletion of non-required
> records from list - can/may arguably be done with content listing by type)
> iv) Enable linking of key# data field in XML import to key# data field in
> existing nodes (of type) for duplicate identification and/or replacement [or
> default global replace - achieved by relevant call to drupal].
> My findings suggest that:
> - there is nothing currently available to import XML pages with custom data
> sets
> - there are some that require same
> - CCK and Views may be suitable to help make this a generic contribution by
> way of creating destination node type? Also 'know of node import' but not
> yet investigated relevancy
>   (question to note - if use CCK do we have access to data [ie is it stored
> seperately?] in DB for later export or additional requirments?)
> - there are some existing API's for RSS/XML but I'm not sure if anything of
> use for this application
> - there is some 'Google SUmmer of Code' work to look at feeds; but I do not
> think this is relevant.
> I have not developed anything custom for Drupal for a couple of years and
> find the mix of contribs in this area 'confusing' so please lend me your
> wisdom:
> - any suggested approaches to re-use existing API's and contributions
> - any existing projects underway that this might impact or work with
> - any willing developers / helpers /shadowers to help ramp up and/or to
> build a module for this
> Additional Comments:
> This capability would be great for commercial applications.
> If I do this it is likely to be in the near future and to customer time
> constraints I would be happy to contribute back to drupal.
> As you can see this i not specd yet but these are my ideas so far based on
> my client requirement and 'quick' initial look at available options
> Any head start with better approach, where to look, who to talk to and what
> to research to measure viability/effort required would be very welcome
> indeed.
> regards
> Chris.

Boris Mann
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